Glories is the technological neighborhood in Barcelona. This is a bright example of incredible transformation of an industrial zone into an innovation area with parks, alternative technologies, medium-priced properties and beautiful social areas.

Some of Barcelona’s most unique buildings are concentrated in this area. These buildings include the Torre Agbar which attracts with its unusual shape during the day and bright colors at night, the Teatre Nacional, the Auditori, the Design Hub, the old Clot Flourmill, Museo Blau, Media-Tic as well as several skyscrapers that house the company headquarters of companies. Small businesses, artists’ studios and life-long establishments also make this a vibrant area and one that is constantly changing. There is always something to do in Glòries.

This is one of Barcelona’s most revamped areas. It has great transport links to the rest of the city, both by metro and by bus, and offers easy access to and from Barcelona. This is a well-established residential area with all of the services necessary for daily life.

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